Friday, July 16, 2010

25 finally!

I finally hit 25lbs!!! Things are fitting great. I just dug out some old summer clothes from the basement that haven't fit in a few years. They fit! Yahoo! So, I would like to lose another 25lbs. I'm halfway there.

Here's to the first 1/2!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Oh no!

Oh no! I'm becoming one of those people who start a blog, post for a while and then abandon it! I'll try to do better! My weight loss has been much slower than I had hoped. I did find out that my metabolism is a little sluggish and I'm on a supplement to help it work better. My numbers are still going in the right direction and I'm feeling better. I am not sleeping, but I've had some things in my life that keep my brain a little too busy. Here are my current stats!

Weight Arms Chest Waist Stomach Hip Thigh
Amount lost 23lbs 1.5 3 6 5 4 1.75
inches lost

Not too shabby.

Gotta run. Talking to another friend about my program this morning. Already have another friend on it. She's doing great!


Thursday, June 3, 2010

Time flies!

Wow! Time sure flies! I can't believe my last post was in April! I have been doing well. My plateau is painful, but I am still removing fat and inches. My latest totals are:
Fat loss: 21lbs.
Arms- 2.5 inches off
Chest- 3 inches off
Waist- 6 inches off
Stomach- 4.5 inches off
Hips- 3.5 inches off
Thigh- 1.75 inches off

My numbers are great and I'm very happy! I did find out that my thyroid is a little sluggish so I'm trying a natural remedy that I've used before. I hope it works and it allows me to remove more weight! I have about 19 more lbs that I really want to remove. After that, the rest if fluff. I could lose more, but I'll be satified to get the 19 off.

Friday, April 2, 2010


Lots of challenges this weekend. Going up to the folks house to celebrate my bday and Easter. That means...Mom's Spaghetti, dessert and Easter candy. Oh no! I'll work a few walks in, at least. Maybe I can get mother to go with me. Weight lost has slown down again, but Mark is noticing that my back and my butt are smaller. That's good since I can't see them!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Updated Numbers

Weight Removed: 16lbs
Inches off:
arms- 2
chest- 2
waist- 4.5
Stomach- 4.5
Hips- 2.5
Thighs- 1.75



Well, I have dove off the plateau! Yeahhaw! It must be the weights that I have added to my program. I am down 15-16 lbs now and I'm getting my waist back. I am feeling great! My birthday was yesterday and the funny thing know what the worst part dinner. I was craving sweet potato fries and a haddock sandwich. It was GROSS! Everything was overfried (even though it said lightly fried) and tasted icky. It left a slimy taste in my mouth. I should have ordered the veggie wrap that I was eyeing (for a second.) So disappointing. I do have to say that the chocolate cake did taste awesome! I usually don't like cake either. Maybe it just rinsed out the slimy fat taste in my mouth. So, I think I'm off fried forever. That's a good feeling. Bye bye sweet potato fries (only if I make them from scratch). I'll take my haddock broiled, thanks. I didn't believe my FLT angel when she told me that I would lose my taste for stuff like that. Well, she was right. I can't believe it!  I also did something healthy for myself on my birthday too! I took a sweaty 3 mile walk to return some library books. Normally, I would have laid on the couch claiming it was MY birthday and I could be lazy if I wanted to. Yeahhaw!

Off and running! Get off that couch and move! You are worth it!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Huh? The view is crappy up here on my plateau! I haven't lost a thing in 2 weeks and I'm ticked. I'm trying to think what could have happened. A few things have popped up: not writing down my food, forgetting my oils and beans... I have juiced up my exercise though so maybe that will help jumpstart me. I'm doing Zumba twice a week now and trying to remember to put in some strength training. It's all a guessing game as to what your body needs. It's okay. I still feel great and I need to NOT look at the scale. My pants are baggy too. Lovin' it. Keep having challenges along the way, but I'll deal. I did break down and have a cosmo this weekend. GOD, that tasted good! The belgium waffle was awesome too! I also had some french fries (this is the bad side of me winning and I have to stop it now!) The french fries killed me afterwards though. See? Bad food, bad results. I'm off for my walk now to burn 367 calories. Yahoo! Stay strong, step away from the girl scout cookies and go for a walk instead.

Tip of the week- Agave sweetener for your coffee! Low glycemic index and no aftertaste. Totally natural right out of the cacti!